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Over 300
Ready to use Annual shift patterns
From 1

Shift Pattern Generator

The Shift Pattern Generator is run in Excel (2007, 2010, 365 & 2016) and designed to make creating your shift pattern effortless. Price: Annual Shift Patterns from 1 The shift pattern generator is only sold as part of our shift pattern bundles. So it is an easy and quick way for you to have a yearly shift pattern immediately. You can select your shift pattern from the hundreds we have available.
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We have shift patterns for all types of operations: Office Hours, Earlies & Lates, Earlies/Lates/Middles, Early/Late/Night, 4-Day, 5-Day, 5+1/2-Day. 6 Day, 7-Day, 10-Day, 1-shift, 2-shift, 3-shift, 4-shift, 5-shift, 6-shift, Individuals or Teams, Fixed & Rotating shifts, Holiday Included, Included Summer holidays, Continental Shifts, some shift patterns include up to 30 weeks of holiday a year.
You can apply your own contracted hours using: 7hr, 7.5hr, 8hr, 11hr and 12hr shifts.
Exclusive: the first 24/365 operation using 10hr shifts.

And much more for sale in our shop: books, training and operations software

Blog Articles

Holiday Entitlements, Cover Shifts, Easter, Fair Holiday Scheduling, High Sickness, Forward Planning, Skiing, Frosty Mornings, 10-hour Shifts, How Good is your Maths, Unlimited Holidays, Stagger Lunch, Optimes Equipment, Absence Management, Christmas Presents, Wedding Planners, Bank Holidays, Annualised Hours, Inventory Modelling, How Many Staff are needed, Flexi-Time, Cover for Sickness, Global shift planning. and many more
Top 10 tips video Create a shift pattern Understanding your absence Fatigue map video
See our top 10 tips video on effective holiday management How to create a shift pattern video How to understand your absences Understanding the effects of fatigue video

Office Yearly Planners & Care Plans

Below are a series of Yearly Planners we have produced for our clients to help manage holidays, training days, sickness and absence. As well as recording holidays in a similar way to every wall planner, they also interact and add up how many holidays everyone has taken, and alert you if they book too many!
Additional functions are that it calculates sickness days, training days and authorised absences for each person.
The Professional versions have more functions, monthly charts and annual graphs to help plan out the effect of holidays and absence on the office operation.
Calendar Yearly Planner Yearly Planner Fiscal Yearly Planner Academic Professional Yearly Planner Fiscal Professional Yearly Planner Academic
The Calendar Year January 1st - December 31st 2016.
The Fiscal Year April 1st 2015 - March 31st 2016.
The Academic Year August 1st 2015 - July 31st 2016.
The Fiscal Year April 1st 2015 - March 31st 2016.
The Academic Year August 1st 2015 - July 31st 2016.

Care Plan Templates.

Now available to download from Amazon Kindle.


We ran a 54-bed Nursing Home and developed Care Plans as word processor documents so everyone can use them, as well as software to run the staffing scheduling. You can download each page individually from each of the Kindle ebooks.

Now we help Health Care establishments and businesses to set up efficient rotas and use Visual RotaX software which was specifically designed for any type of staffing requirement, no matter how complicated, or simple, it might be.
It works extremely well with any number of internal staff, full-time and part-time, agency staff and bank staff, fixed and rotating rotas, holidays and absences. It works at The Royal Hospital Chelsea and it will work for you.

Care Plans & The Nursing Process - This is a 5 step process nurses use to help look after their patients. It's steps are very similar to the steps of the scientific process. It is usually a systematic, rational method of planning and providing nursing care.

1 - Assessing - collecting, verifying and organizing data about the patient.; data is obtained from reports, the patient.s chart and measurements, your assessment, observation, other healthcare personnel, interviews, etc

2 - Diagnosing / Analyzing - forming your nursing diagnoses; a nursing diagnosis is a statement of an actual or potential health problem

3 - Planning - formulate your "plan" to assist the patient involves formulating goals/expected outcomes, setting priorities, and identifying nursing interventions to help patients reach their goals

4 - Implementing / Intervention - put your Nursing Care Plan into action

5 - Evaluating - evaluate your interventions, reasses and analyze, etc

Tuition and examples in using Care Plans to look after patients is available from CDT

CDT produce a set of Care Plans to look after patients. These are word processor Document templates. As templates, they can be generated time and again for all your existing and new patients. The templates can be edited by you in your Home to suit your working practices. You can change the wording and the layout. You can add new lines of information. If the spaces to input information are too small, then simply increase the size of the space. These templates work just like any other word processor document so you can fully customise them. Once you have the document templates on your computer, you can print off as many copies as you like for your Home or hospital (we only ask that you leave our copyright on each document).

Admission Form

Kindle book for Pre-Admission form
Who they are, reasons for needing care, lifestyle, etc

Care Plan Form

Kindle book on the Care Plan form
Main care points
care plan

Medical History Form

Kindle book on the History Record form
Medical history - main points
history sheet

Pressure Sores

Kindle book for Pressure Sore risk assessment form
Risk Assessment of pressure sores

Diabetes Form

Kindle book for Diabetes chart
If they have it and treatment.

Fluid Balance Form

Kindle Book on Fluid Balance chart
Recording fluid intake and out

Daily Mobility Form

Kindle book on Mobility record
Care plan on mobility - daily record.

Daily Communication Form

Kindle Book on Communications Record form
Care plan on communication - daily record.

Daily Activities Form

Kindle Book on Activities Record form
Care plan on activities - daily record.

Daily Clothing Form

Kindle book on Clothing Records form
Care plan on clothing - daily record.

Daily Hygiene Form

Kindle Book on Hygiene Record form
Care plan on hygiene - daily record.

Daily Diet Form

Kindle Book on Diet Record form
Care plan on diet - daily record.

Daily Elimination Form

Kindle Book on Elimination Record form
Care plan on elimination - daily record.

Daily Relaxation & Sleep Form

Kindle book on Relaxation & Sleep record
Care plan on relaxation and sleep - daily record.

Dying with Dignity Form

Kindle book on Dying With Dignity record
Record of death and final requests - regular updates.

Daily Record Form

Kindle book on the Daily Record form
Daily record on patient.

Risk Assessment Form

Kindle book on Lifting & Handling risk assessment form
Lifting and handling of patient.

Health & Satefy Form

Kindle Book on Health & SAfety Record form
General risk assessments, health and safety and infection control.

Management Consultancy

You can always be more efficient We can help you make efficiency savings by introducing:
  • Annualised Hours ,
  • Banked Hours ,
  • Holidays Included shift patterns ,
  • automatic absence cover arrangements ,
  • forecasting cost of operation .
    We can use operational research to assess you operation and make efficiency savings. Whether you want to reduce costs, increase production, or maximise profits, we can help assess your operation.
  • Training Seminars in Shift Working

    CDT01 -Shift Pattern design Next date: Tuesday 24th February 2015
  • Introduction to Shift Pattern Design
  • Workload Analysis
  • Converting Workload into a Shift Pattern
  • Basic Shift Patterns Design
  • Checklist

  • CDT02-Managing shift patterns. Next dates: Tuesday 3rd March
  • Introduction to Running a Shift Pattern
  • Holiday Management
  • Absence Management
  • Bank (Reserved) Hours Management
  • Fatigue and Shift Working
  • How to Include Training
  • Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • CDT03 -Implementing new shift patterns Next date: Tuesday 10th March 2015
  • Negotiations with Staff
  • Timetables
  • Reward Structure
  • Migration Planning
  • Task List
  • Blog

    Our Blog gives you handy hints and tips to help you run your operation more effectively. Includding:  
  • How Banked Hours could help reduce absence,
  • How to reduce tardiness
  • Understanding your absence rate
  • How to reduce fatigue

    C-Desk Technology is a family run buisness which specilises in helping organisations to improve their efficency through better shift scheduling.

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  • Please call on 01636 816 466 or email if you want to attend any course, or require more information.

    Many organisation prefer these courses to be held in-house for individual groups of managers,
    please call for more information.

    How much holiday can you fit into one year? - watch this video, it will amaze you!

    More information about Operations Management & Research

    Hospital and Care Home Management

    Staffing a hospital or care home is like any other 24/7 business, you need to understand your workload, ensure you have the correct skills available and be flexible to changes. Most hospitals do not know what their staffing requirements are a long time in advance, so they are staffed on a week by week basis or have to have special arrangements in place to maximise flexibility.

    Maximising flexibility and minimising costs is a delicate balance. You need to understand your workload, what it is and what it could be. Then create procedures to operate under each circumstance. Once these procedures are in place, it is a simple matter of switching between them.

    To operate efficiently we recommend using annualised hours with a banked hours system. To cover for holidays you need to either operate a holidays included shift pattern or have an effective holiday management plan. To help you we have written a series of books, each covering a different topic with tools and techniques to help you run your business more effectively.

    We have software to help you run your operation week by week or for a year ahead. VisualrotaX keeps track of your staffs hours, their Bank (if you are using one) and their holidays and sickness. With built in features like highlighting any shift you are short on or who is sick or on holiday, you have all the information at your fingertips to move staff around.

    VisualrotaX enables you to move your staff around to minimise the effects of peaks and troughs in occupancy levels. You can bring in more staff when needed and give them days off during slack periods. The program keeps track of their hours and shifts, so everyone gets exactly the right number of hours of work, but your costs are minimised.

    Book on Absence Rates
    Do you know how to calculate your Absence Rate? This book not only includes easy to follow examples of how to calculate your Absence Rate, but also shows you how to use your Absence Rate to predict how absences will occur in the future.
    Book about Banked Hours WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=384 BORDER=0 ALIGN=
    For Managers of Operations that involve shift working, there are a number of essential tools that they need to know about and use if possible. Banked, or Reserved, Hours is one of them. This book looks at the details of introducing and using Banked Hours based on our experiences with the many organisations that use them.
    book on calculating staffing numbers
    The aim of this book is to teach you how to calculate how many staff you need to run your operation. This book will teach you how to calculate the number of staff by skill set for any shift pattern. Calculating the number of staff you need is the most important tool to ensure that your shift pattern runs smoothly. Knowing the number of staff is the driving force behind all your shift pattern decisions.
    book about holiday management
    Managing holidays are the bane of all managers. The aim of this book is to shows you some simple techniques to relieve you of the burden. With a special section on Office Hours, this book is ideal for all managers.
    book about Holiday Included Shift Patterns
    The aim of this book is to provide you with the tools and techniques to make a Holiday Included Shift Pattern run smoothly. The main objective of any shift pattern is to ensure you have the right people with the correct skills when and where you want them. The major issues, which are going to prevent you from achieving this objective, are staff holidays and absences. This book is about how to organise staff holidays so that they do not affect the operation.
    book about fatigue and shift working
    Shift working allows employees to work when they want to work, plenty of time for holidays, lots of extra money, a lot less commuting, and a larger nicer house. However there is a downside to shift working. Shift workers do have to work some shifts at nights and weekends. Shift working is also more fatiguing than office hours working; this is especially prevalent if working nights. However this book is about minimising fatigue and the effects of fatigue so that you can enjoy the advantages of working shifts without being too fatigued. Even if you work office hours, you should find this information useful.
    book with shift pattern example
    The aim of this series of books is to provide a reference guide. It covers the different types of shift patterns available. Supplying a total of almost 300 unique shift patterns in the series. It is aimed for managers in departments that use shifts for their operation. Staff Representative Committees and Unions may also find this book useful, especially when looking to improve how their shifts are worked. Each book contains 20 shift patterns, each set out over a complete year. HESP & HISP and special Summer holiday periods.
    book about seminar CDT02
    Holidays and absences are the bane of most managers. This book shows the slides presented on our CDT02 course especially dealing with this aspect of shift working.
    Managing Holidays and Absence is costly and wasteful of management time. As a manager you have more important demands on your time than listening to your staff explain why they all need holidays at the same time. Setting up a Holiday Management Plan is an easy way to effectively management holidays freeing you up to focus on strategy and running your operation. Managing Absence effectively will allow your operation to run unhindered.
    Client List
    Check out our latest blog
    For all the latest tips on shift working and shift patterns
    Our OR website looks at all the typical problems when it comes to working shifts.
    Operations Reasearch is "the science of better", where we take the maths and make it easy to use in your hospital or Home.
    Click here for:
  • Staffing numbers
  • Staffing skills
  • Fatigue
  • Workloads
  • Managing staff
  • Creating new shifts
  • Staff questions
  • Training
  • Books on shiftworking
  • We create optimised shift patterns so that your valuable and limited resources are not wasted: people, equipment, time and money. Our training courses and software look after all these factors so you and your managers can focus on your business. Operations Analysis for Shift Workers

    Alec Jezewski and
    Dr Angela Moore are CDT

    We are a family run business so you will always be dealing with Alec or Angela.

    We have helped both large and small organisations with their shift working arrangements for the last 16 years.

    Welcome to our website

    C-Desk Technology has been helping organisations with their staff rosters since 1996. Through a combination of Consultancy, Training Courses, Text Books and Software, we are able to help all, no matter their budget. In these stringent times it is essential to run an efficient shift pattern, to maximise your productivety whilst minimising your costs.

    Common problem areas include avoiding high Overtime whilst covering for Holidays and Sickness; We can help.

    All organisations are in a state of continual change due to external factors. Your operation needs to be able to change to meet those new circumstances for it to prosper. We can help introduce those changes.

    Our experience can help analyse your workload, predict future variations and convert this into a tailor-made shift pattern to ensure that you always have the staff available when and where you need them.

    Once you have a tailor-made shift pattern, the next step is to run your operation effectively to ensure that holidays, absences, training and other duties do not take staff away from your core workload. If you are thinking of using Annualised Hours or Holiday Include Shift Patterns (HISP), these are two of our specialist areas.

    To find out what we do and how we do it
    and how we can help your organisation with shift working,
    please enter our site.

    Holiday Management is a very difficult task all Managers have to do.
    Top 10 Tips for Managing Holidays

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    All the ebook links are given below.

    Yearly Planner for holidays and training days

    Yearly Planner full functionality on your computer and as wall chart to print off. View everyone's booked Holidays and Training Days with the ability to count up holidays taken and count down their remaining holidays. The office tool you have always wanted in one package for a few dollars (US click here) or a couple of pounds (UK click here). This is available from your local Kindle store for other countries, so please visit there for the Calendar.
    More Information on a Selection of Different Yearly Planners


    The Yearly Planners are available as Calendar Year, Fiscal Years and Academic Years.
    They can also be created to your specified dates and over longer periods.

    more information

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