If you want to improve your shift operation, or you have any sort of problem with shift working, we can help. We have been helping organisations around the globe with their staff rosters since 1996. Through a combination of Consultancy, Training Courses, Text Books and Software, we are able to help all, no matter your budget. Running an efficient shift pattern can potentially save companies millions each year by increasing productivity and efficiency.
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We all need help from time to time. We are here to help you manage your operation effectively and efficiently. We help organise the day- to-day management of shift operations. Our aim is to focus resources where and when they are needed.
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All roads are traveled shopping for shift rosters All roads are traveled the shift team working together William French Event, team building and fund raising. the right tools for the job
f you only have a hammer then you will approach every problem with it. When it comes to Shift Scheduling we have the complete tool kit. Hence we can show you a different approach that could save you time money and effort.
A shift pattern is not something you buy off the peg and force yourself into. A shift pattern should be moulded to you. It’s about taking the company’s needs, and the shift workers’ needs and creating something that is unique and will work for everybody.
When you can save time, then you can have some fun. If you can combine time and fun, and help someone, you have the best of all worlds. Fund-raising for Cancer Research UK with Angela Moore

Common problems

that Reduce

Productivity at work

1. Shifts are randomly staffed 2. Shifts are never fully skilled 3. Everyone takes their holidays at the same time. 4. Call or email us about increasing productivity
A new Book all about Banked Hours, how to create them, how to use them and why they will make you more efficient and productive.
Hi, I’m Alec Jezewski. We are often asked: what is it that we actually do? Well, what we do is to organise how a shift operation runs so that it becomes self-contained. There are 12 steps in the process and these are: 1. We create the perfect shift pattern that works for you. 2. We analyse your workload so that the operation does what it is supposed to do 3. We set up a Holiday Management Plan so staff holidays are no longer a problem 4. We show you how we do it all so you can do it yourself in future 5. We show you how to run the shift pattern to make life easy for you and the staff 6. We organise cover for absences so they aren’t a problem 7. We make sure you can include training so you are future proofed 8. We set up the plans for a reward structure that works for everyone, the company and the staff 9. We organise the negotiations between you and the unions and staff 10. We set up the migration plan to move staff onto the new operation. 11. We set up new terms of employment 12. We are always available to give help and advice For more information, please give us a call.