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Budgeting is about knowing how much the operation will cost and then sticking to it. We can tell you how many people you will need, what overtime hours will be required and how to manage your resources throughout the year effectively.



HRM is about managing people to get the best out of them. To do this you need to employ the right people, with the right skills, in the right numbers. We can tell you how many people your operation needs and how to deploy them effectively to maximise their productivity or optimise your operation.
book about how to calculate how many staff you need
Our book tells you how to calculate how many staff you need, and is available from Amazon.

Changing a Shift Pattern?

We change shift patterns for our clients every day, you might say it’s our speciality.
We design and implement shift patterns for every type of situation imaginable. No matter how complicated the staffing requirement, we have never failed to produce the most appropriate shift pattern for our clients. We enjoy the challenge of each project and are able to use our vast past experience to quickly produce the right shift pattern for each individual project. Most projects only take a few days of work, so you can literally have a new, fully operating shift pattern within a week. Our project base is the UK, but we undertake projects anywhere throughout the world over the Internet. When changing the shift pattern, it is always advisable to review your current ways of working. Typical areas that regularly need review are those that affect your operating efficiency of your company. These usually include:    Absences due to illness or other causes   Absence cover arrangements   Holidays or Vacations including State and Bank Holidays   Swapping shifts   Annual shutdown periods   Staff moving on or off the shift pattern   Overtime Most terms of employment are designed for office hours workers. These are often not applicable ensemble to shift working arrangements. So you may need to review your T&C’s at the same time to avoid conflict in the future.
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HOLIDAY MANAGEMENT PLANNING Holiday Planning involves a major investment in time by Senior Managers and Supervisors. We can help you set up a Holiday Management Plan to fairly and effectively ensure that all of your staff are able to take all their holidays in the year with the minimum of disruption. Our software VisualrotaX is a very versatile tool for keeping track of the holidays and cover arrangements for all the staff. It can calculate anything else you need, such as sickness rates, call outs, acting up for senior staff. The calculation results are presented, with colour coded indicators, to give warning signs of future potential problems.
SHIFT PATTERN REVIEWS  We can review your current shift patterns to see if they are the best available for your operational requirements. We will provide an evaluation of the current shift pattern and recommendations for improvements. We also evaluate proposed shift patterns, whether from Managers, staff or Unions and report on their fitness to meet the operational parameters. Part of the review would be aimed at determining the migration process of moving staff onto a new shift pattern.
PRESENTATIONS  We can prepare and give presentations to the Board, to Managers and to the Staff on all topics associated with changing shift patterns. These topics include: Workload Analysis New shift patterns with the key features on each one Migration Plan to move staff onto a new shift pattern Changes in Shift Allowances Changes to the Terms of Employment
SHIFT ALLOWANCES  When staff move from one shift pattern to another, there is usually a need to determine the appropriate Shift Allowance. The Shift Allowance is an integral part of the Reward Structure. We will review your current Shift Allowance and the methodology chosen for determining it. We will take you through all the acceptable methods of determining a new Shift Allowance and make our recommendations. Other commonly accepted allowances are for On-Call duties, Call-Out duties, flexi-shift working and Absence Cover arrangements. We will take you through these in turn to determine if they apply to your specific operational requirements.

We use our software to set up different staff rotas for all

types of shift working arrangements. You can find more

information at www.oranalysts.com about the work we do

and our software.

If you would like to discuss your operation, please call me.
FATIGUE Fatigue will affect your staff's performance throughout the day. Fatigue is a significant component in many accidents where human error is a contributing factor. The cost of these accidents can be financial but could also result in the loss of human life. The financial cost of sleep-related accidents in the USA is estimated at $43-56 billion per year. For the UK it is estimated that the financial cost of 'sleepiness' per year is �115-240 million. Our presentation shows the causes of Fatigue, and the consequences of Fatigue. By gaining a working knowledge of what fatigue is, how people become fatigued and how to reduce fatigue, we can work to minimise the fatigue experienced by your staff. This will lead to fewer accidents, errors and hence real savings for the company, and a better work-life balance for your staff.
OPERATIONS RESEARCH  We can perform a statistical analysis of your work to determine the most efficient shift pattern to match: Workloads Service Level Agreements Staffing Levels Staff Terms of Employment You can leave all the calculations to us, that’s our job.
GEOGRAPHICAL ANALYSIS For service companies whose clients are distributed throughout the country, we can perform a Postcode Analysis to determine the number of staff to employ and where they should be located for optimal efficiency.
SOFTWARE We create new and bespoke shift patterns using our proprietary software and provide you with the finished article in M/S Excel. Excel is superb at the task of running shift patterns, and we usually set up your first year's computer model to run the shifts, but if you want it for 10 years ahead, that's no problem. The Excel model can create personal calendars for the staff, track all their holidays, absences and training. The model can count their hours worked, hours owed to you or them, overtime, flexible working, and anything else you need to monitor. The model can calculate your workload staffing requirements and compare them with the scheduled number of staff and see if you have the right number, too many or too few and alert you of any problems. As a new order comes in, or your workload changes for other reasons, you can enter this change and see immediately how it will affect your planned schedule.
equation regarding queuing theory in a call center queuing theory the post office queue Poisson and queuing theory annualised hours book about fatigue and shift working workload variations over the uk
book about holiday management and planning flowchart of key points in setting up a shift pattern
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How to double your

holiday entitlement.

If you work in an office Monday-to- Friday’ did you know that if you work an extra hour each day you can have an extra 30 days off each year? That’s a doubling of your holidays and how’s that for improving your, and your colleagues in the office, work/life balance? This is just one example we have created for our clients. We put together some 250 examples for all sorts of operations and decided to sell them as Excel files that you can use for up to 50 staff.