We create optimised shift operations for many of the world’s leading multi-nationals.
A 55 minute video all about setting up a Holiday Management Plan. Holidays are the bane of all Manager’s lives. There are so many of them and so little time to fit them in. And everyone wants the same time off! This video is about managing the holidays so that the effects of holidays on the business are minimised. Full of practical information and examples.
Your Shift allowance will often be your biggest expense after the wages bill. Bigger than your materials, energy supply, pensions, and everything else you pay for. So do you know why you even need one? Or how much you should pay? Should the shift allowance be different for different groups or shifts? This course is 13 videos telling you all about why you have a shift allowance. It tells you the most common methods used to calculate new shift allowances for new shift operations. If you are changing your operation, you should apply the right shift allowance to make it fair to your employees and your organisation
A series of books covering the most common problems encountered in shift operations. How do know how many people to employ? What causes fatigue that you can change? Which are the most popular shift patterns? How you can predict absences so they don’t affect the operation
We have set up the most popular shifts patterns, ready to use in Excel. Examples range from ‘Office Hours’, to 5-day operations, to 7-day operations. We have all heard of the 12-hour ‘continental Shifts’ aka ‘4on-4off’, but did you know that there are 6 versions? And, it is not the most popular 12-hour shift pattern, instead more workers select the ‘232’ option where they work 2 or 3 shifts and have 2 or 3 days off.
We all need to set up a Migration Plan to move workers to a new operation. Everyone will be working differently to before, but will have made arrangements, such as holidays and medical appointments, not to mention buying tickets to events, based on the old way of working. So you need to know how to move people seamlessly from one way of working to the new way. We cover the process in a 5 videos taking about 45 minutes. More:==>
Banked Hours, sometimes known as ‘Reserved Hours’ is a powerful tool for managing unexpected events such as sickness, elective surgery, authorised leave (bereavement, etc),force majuere events, ad- hoc and peak workloads. Also it acts a contingency of hours for unforeseen events. It is a method of flexible working at little cost, and sometimes at zero cost, to the organisation. The staff contract to work extra hours only when they are needed thus guaranteeing your continuity of service. This guide shows you how to set it up and run it effectively. Approx 3 hours of videos spread over 37 lessons.
Our courses provide you with the opportunity to make an impact on both your own and your organisation’s future. θ Whatever department you work in, our courses cover the common problems associated with managing operations. θ The courses are challenging but we hope our presentation is both enjoyable and beneficial to your management development. θ You will have access to your selected courses(s) for a full year so you can return to them whenever you need to refresh your experience.
How To Manage Your Shift Pattern Course is a 2-day course on overcoming a major obstacle to improving the productivity of your organisation. Imagine a working environment where staff holidays and sickness absence have no effect on the organisation. That is what our course is all about. For over 25 years we have been setting up shift operations for organisations, small and large, and once that operation is in place, we design out the effects of holidays and absences. This course is about how to do it in the way we do it. The course takes two days to complete. You can take the course at work, at home or on the train, wherever you like to study. You will be able to start implementing the solutions in your organisation immediately thereafter. The course consists of about 15 hours of study along with quizzes and downloads. Pre-Covid we hosted the 2-day course regularly at UK venues, however that world has now gone, and in many ways the new on-line course is much better as you can take it at your pace and not ours. The learning is deeper, more absorbing and will stay with you forever. It is also a useful feature of on-line courses that you can go back to it to view it again and again.
We work with the world’s leading companies to set up their Shift Operations to match their workloads. Most workloads vary with time and they need constant attention to keep them optimised: 1. There are annual variations where the workload goes up and down on a seasonal basis. 2. There are weekly variations where weekdays and weekends have different workloads. 3. There are daily variations where the work changes over the 24-hours. 4. There are unpredictable workloads that vary randomly. 5. There are the one-off workloads that occur during the day, or for a day, or a week. We create shift operations that match these exacting requirements. Creating a perfect shift operation is never going to be a simple task. There are 12 steps in the process and these are: 1. We create the perfect shift pattern that works for you. 2. We analyse your workload so that the operation does what it is supposed to do 3. We set up a Holiday Management Plan so staff holidays are no longer a problem 4. We show you how we do it all so you can do it yourself in future 5. We show you how to run the shift pattern 6. We analyse and organise cover for absences 7. We make sure you can include training so you are future proofed 8. We set up the plans for a reward structure that works for everyone, the company and the staff 9. We organise the negotiations between you and the unions and staff 10. We set up the migration plan to move staff onto the new operation. 11. We set up new terms of employment 12. We can set up the right shift allowances for any shift operation
We also have a unique library of over 1,000 videos on different aspects of creating an efficient self-contained operation
We can meet you in: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia.
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Consultants: Dr. Angela Moore Ph.D. Maths & Statistics Alec Jezewski B.Sc. Mech. Eng. & ran his own 24/365 operation for 15 years
Now available on YouTube
Find out about flexible shift working with Banked Hours and other flexible working techniques to improve overall operating efficiency. A new video is now available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voAdCOmCCAo Banked Hours are the most efficient and cost effective method of absence cover. Absence cost companies millions each year, it costs money from less revenue, loss of production and loss of reliability. Then there is the cost of replacing the person. If you are in an office environment, the only recourse is to work overtime at weekends or to employ extra people to allow for some absence. This is not so for shift workers. There are multiple techniques available to shift managers to mitigate for absences. Banked Hours is a useful tool and is great for shift workers too. Once Banked Hours are implemented correctly, it can result in shift workers having an extra week or two off, paid at full rate as part of an overall increase in efficiency. Banked Hours also minimise the number of unpopular shifts including weekends and nights. This video is the first 30 minutes of an online course. The full course is available from: https://dr-moore.thinkific.com/ There is also a text book to accompany the course available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Flexible-Shift-Working-Approach- Banked/dp/B0CKNZ9V4M/ For shift managers, this course is essential to understand how Banked Hours can benefit you and the department. It can also mean that all of your absence worries are dispelled and you can focus on the important issues, like improving the product, and planning the operation. Flexible working is all about improving the work/life balance of the employees. As the world's leading consultants on shift operations, we have implemented Bank Hours many times at the world's biggest organisations as part of an overall strategy, aimed to maximise productivity and reduce costs while improving the Work/life balance of the employees. Since covid, people enjoy working from home, but in a factory this is impossible. So flexible working allows factory workers and other essential workers, to enjoy the life style they want by giving them more quality time off. This video is aimed at: HR, shift managers, Union officials and team leaders. If you want to improve the work/life balance of your employees, then you need to consider flexible working. If as a manager you feel like you are always having to firefight, then you need to consider flexible working. Please share this with your shift managers and improve the working environment for everyone. We are available to help and tailor make a solution for you.
When your organisation next undertakes a review of their operation or introduces a new operation, try to include flexible working as the solution to common problems everyone has. Banked Hours can be part of the overall solution to create a more efficient and effective operation. Flexible working is about matching demand. This means that no one is ever over or underworked. Most workforces are continually fluctuating as holidays, absence and training take people away from their duties. At the same time, few operations have a stable demand. For most people demand will fluctuate hourly, daily, weekly, or annually. To match the workforce to your demand you need a flexible approach. Banked Hours is a great way to improve your flexibility. They maintain operations with relatively little day-to-day input from managers and at a fixed cost. Banked Hours and Flexible working is for all types of organisation, be they public bodies, emergency services, the business community and students aiming to be managers. We include examples from our case files involving: call centres, Police, food, pharma, chemicals, health, electronics, security, IT, newspapers, printing, aerospace, energy, banking, mining, engineering, supply chain, logistics, universities and public bodies. We have worked with employers of traffic wardens and satellite controllers. Our fields of expertise include IT control centres, automation, lean and continuous improvement, sustainability, quality control, packaging and innovation. Flexible working is about ensuring that everyone achieves a good work/life balance. To do this we need to ensure that all of the shifts are correctly staffed. Not having the right people, with the right skills puts undue pressure on to people. It creates stress for the shift workers but especially their managers. Being correctly staffed ensures that no one is under or over worked, thus reducing the stress at work. The shift pattern should be based around creating a stable environment for shift workers. The premise is to prevent nepotism, favouritism, harassment or bullying. To think of the team as a family and to actively encourage cross team integration through the cover shift program to maintain a stable operation. For the organisation the benefits of Banked Hours are obvious. They can ensure modus operandi is maintained at all times. This means that they can ensure that they will always have the correct skills, when and where they need them. They can plan work. Therefore, they can guarantee that they can meet deadlines, and achieve SLA’s. Reduce absence. Fit in training, ad-hoc work and cover for absence within the contract hours.
You can see a few of these on YouTube by clicking on the links.
Banked, or Reserved, hours is not really very complicated, its just that there are quite a few factors that require a bit of thought beforehand. The videos and book look at these factors in detail with worked examples to make it an easy transition for you to bring in.
Who benefits? Industry Automation & Robotics Lean & Continuous Improvement Supply Chain & Logistics Pharma Printing Quality & Safety Packaging Control Rooms Police & Security Utilities Power, Water, Phone Tourism & Hospitality Hospitals & Universities Government
We also have a unique set of books about different aspects of creating an efficient self-contained operation, links below.
We also have a unique set of courses to help ypu about different aspects of creating an efficient self-contained operation, links below.
CDT01 is one of our training courses in how to design a Shift Operation. A new shift operation is usually needed every year to match the new elements involved in your operation, whether it is a Production facility, security, health, control room and every other type of operation that requires staffing at any time of the day. For instance: a Police Force set up to combat the criminals of a generation ago are about as much use as a chocolate teapot in catching today’s terrorists and criminals. Criminals move to where the Police aren’t, be that in space and/or time. For instance: Health processes are not a Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm preference for the public.
C-Desk Technology is a global management consultancy based in the UK, specialising is shift scheduling. Our consultants work with public, private and nonprofit organizations across all industries and regions. We help our clients build teams, assess workloads and create operations that can meet today’s challenges and anticipate the digital, economic and political trends that are reshaping the global business environment. From helping boards with their structure, culture and effectiveness to identifying, to assessing and defining the best response and staffing levels required. Our consultants bring their decades of expertise to help clients address their most complex staffing issues. We exist to improve the way the world works.