We have been creating new shift operations for 25 years for many of the world’s leading multi-nationals.
A 55 minute video all about setting up a Holiday Management Plan. Holidays are the bane of all Manager’s lives. There are so many of them and so little time to fit them in. And everyone wants the same time off! This video is about managing the holidays so that the effects of holidays on the business are minimised. Full of practical information and examples.
Your Shift allowance will often be your biggest expense after the wages bill. Bigger than your materials, energy supply, pensions, and everything else you pay for. So do you know why you even need one? Or how much you should pay? Should the shift allowance be different for different groups or shifts? This course is 13 videos telling you all about why you have a shift allowance. It tells you the most common methods used to calculate new shift allowances for new shift operations. If you are changing your operation, you should apply the right shift allowance to make it fair to your employees and your organisation
A series of books covering the most common problems encountered in shift operations. How do know how many people to employ? What causes fatigue that you can change? Which are the most popular shift patterns? How you can predict absences so they don’t affect the operation
We have set up the most popular shifts patterns, ready to use in Excel. Examples range from ‘Office Hours’, to 5-day operations, to 7-day operations. We have all heard of the 12-hour ‘continental Shifts’ aka ‘4on-4off’, but did you know that there are 6 versions? And, it is not the most popular  12-hour shift pattern, instead more workers select the ‘232’ option where they work 2 or 3 shifts and have 2 or 3 days off.
We all need to set up a Migration Plan to move workers to a new operation. Everyone will be working differently to before, but will have made arrangements, such as holidays and medical appointments, not to mention buying tickets to events, based on the old way of working. So you need to know how to move people seamlessly from one way of working to the new way. We cover the process in a 5 videos taking about 45 minutes. More:==>
Banked Hours, sometimes known as ‘Reserved Hours’ is a powerful tool for managing unexpected events such as sickness, elective surgery, authorised leave (bereavement, etc),force majuere events, ad- hoc and peak workloads. Also it acts a contingency of hours for unforeseen events. It is a method of flexible working at little cost, and sometimes at zero cost, to the organisation. The staff contract to work extra hours only when they are needed thus guaranteeing your continuity of service. This guide shows you how to set it up and run it effectively. Approx 3 hours of videos spread over 37 lessons.
CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our courses provide you with the opportunity to make an impact on both your own and your organisation’s future. θ Whatever department you work in, our courses cover the common problems associated with managing operations. θ The courses are challenging but we hope our presentation is both enjoyable and beneficial to your management development. θ You will have access to your selected courses(s) for a full year so you can return to them whenever you need to refresh your experience.
How To Manage Your Shift Pattern Course is a 2-day course on overcoming a major obstacle to improving the productivity of your organisation. Imagine a working environment where staff holidays and sickness absence have no effect on the organisation. That is what our course is all about. For over 25 years we have been setting up shift operations for organisations, small and large, and once that operation is in place, we design out the effects of holidays and absences. This course is about how to do it in the way we do it. The course is accredited by CPD, it take two days to complete and you will be awarded 15 cpd points. You can take the course at work, at home or on the train, wherever you like to study. You will be able to start implementing the solutions in your organisation immediately thereafter. The course consists of about 15 hours of study along with quizzes and downloads. Pre-Covid we hosted the 2-day course regularly at UK venues, however that world has now gone, and in many ways the new on-line course is much better as you can take it at your pace and not ours. The learning is deeper, more absorbing and will stay with you forever. It is also a useful feature of on-line courses that you can go back to it to view it again and again. Certificate No:A034282 The content of the following has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles. How to Manage Your Shift Pattern: Holidays and Absences Online Training Course C-DESK TECHNOLOGY (015661)
We are often asked: what is it that we actually do? Well, we work with the world’s leading companies to set up their Shift Operations to match their workloads. Most workloads vary with time: 1. There are annual variations where the workload goes up and down on a seasonal basis. 2. There are weekly variations where weekdays and weekends have different workloads. 3. There are daily variations where the work changes over the 24-hours. 4. There are unpredictable workloads that vary randomly. 5. There are the one-off workloads that occur during the day, or for a day, or a week. We create shift operations that match these exacting requirements. Well, what we do is to organise how a shift operation runs so that it becomes self-contained. There are 12 steps in the process and these are: 1. We create the perfect shift pattern that works for you. 2. We analyse your workload so that the operation does what it is supposed to do 3. We set up a Holiday Management Plan so staff holidays are no longer a problem 4. We show you how we do it all so you can do it yourself in future 5. We show you how to run the shift pattern to make life easy for you and the staff 6. We organise cover for absences so they aren’t a problem 7. We make sure you can include training so you are future proofed 8. We set up the plans for a reward structure that works for everyone, the company and the staff 9. We organise the negotiations between you and the unions and staff 10. We set up the migration plan to move staff onto the new operation. 11. We set up new terms of employment 12. We are always available to give help and advice
We also have a unique library of over 1,000 videos on different aspects of creating an efficient self-contained operation
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Consultants:    Dr. Angela Moore Ph.D. Maths & Statistics Alec Jezewski B.Sc. Mech. Eng. & ran his own 24/365 operation for 15 years