What first-line  managers really

need to know.


The new shift pattern software for all your staffing needs. With VisualrotaX you can create shift patterns for a whole year in minutes. Running a shift pattern couldn’t be easier too; the number of staff on each shift is displayed at the top of the rota and highlighted if you are under or over staffed on any shift.



Free your Managers from that monthly, or weekly, arduous task of creating a new rota every time. All that time and effort can now be applied to their real job. They might still need to spend a few minutes each day inputting changes such as holiday bookings, unless you have the luxury of having a Holiday Included Shift Pattern (HISP) where all the holidays are done for them, or absences and cover arrangements. This often takes 5 to 10 minutes a day, usually reading the requesting emails takes longer, but every rota needs some house-keeping to keep it up to date.

Free your Managers from keeping  the  ‘boss’ up to  date,

We asked managers the things they would like to see on a rota.

‘How many staff do I have and are there enough for the work I need doing today’.



As an organisation, you can engage us for teaching your staff the following topics. There are 5 separate workshops and each one takes a day. They are priced as £2500 per day for up to 20 staff.


CDT01 How to Create The Perfect Shift Pattern


CDT02 How to Manage Your Shift Pattern


CDT03 How to Implement Your New Shift Pattern


CDT04 Workload Analysis


CDT05 Operations Research


Each of these workshops gives your staff an in-depth and practical look at what is involved in re-organising their staff into a more efficient and reactive organisation. Each presentation will include examples of the types of solutions used successfully by many of the leading companies in the world. We can even include your special operating parameters into the presentations making them even more relevant.



“Using VisualrotaX means you can take control of your shift pattern.”

days and authorised leave so that you never   need    overtime or agency staff. You can regulate your overall staff numbers to keep overheads to a minimum and you never have to calculate hours worked or staffing numbers ever again. However long the time spent in the past on checking the rota to see if there are enough staff for the workload is now totally eliminated.



VisualrotaX has been redesigned to work in Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010 so it is exceptionally user-friendly. This is the first program that can generate your entire duty roster and associated Management Reports instantly and simultaneously. It works faster than you can imagine. Make a change to the duty-roster and it instantly recalculates all the information for a whole year.

Create new shift patterns instantly using the ‘fill handle’. Keep your shift workers up to date with their individual calendars. Monitor holidays and absences with the automated charts and reports.

Shift patterns have never been so easy.


they can pull up the rota themselves and see what is happening without any bother.


How does VisualrotaX save you money. The answer is by always telling you how many staff are on duty and working at all times through the day. The program will tell you how many people are on each shift, who they are, what they are doing and for how long they are working.






You set the staffing levels in advance for each shift and the computer will show you when they are exceeded. This produces an amazingly large saving and comes from your ability to control exactly how many hours are worked each day by your staff. You can now budget your staff to your workload and keep the hours worked each day in each grade to the budget.


You can see surpluses instantly. You will save  money by being able to re-organise holi


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